Welcome to our website.  At   International   Meat   and   Deli,   we   specialize   in   "old   world"   flavors   and   delicious   homemade   international   style   deli   meats, sausages ,   cold   cuts,   dairy   products,   also   authentic   European   style   pastries;   Lángos    (deep   fried   flatbread),   Kürtőskalács   (Chimney cake), and Krémes  (Custard cream cake). In   our   store   you   will   find   products   from   Romania,   Hungary,   Croatia,   Serbia,   Germany,   Poland,   Italy,   Slovenia,   Russia, constantly   looking   to   widen   our   selection.   Few   examples;   Univer    Red   Gold   paprika   paste,   Strong   Steven   and   Sweet   Ann paprika   paste,   goulash   cream,   mustard,   mayonnaise,   horseradish,   paprika   from   Szeged,   etc.,   pastries,   sweets,   ROM    chocolate bar,   Zacusca ,   Eugenia ,   preserves,   pickles,   Five   Roses   flour ,   Perla   Harghitei    (Pearl   of   Hargitha),   Borsec ,   Aqua   Carpatica    natural mineral   water,   and   Allegria    soft   drinks   in   Elderberry   with   Lemon,   Orange,   Lemonade   and   Tropical   flavors,   and   much   more.   We also carry cosmetics; Fa , Nivea , Rexona  deodorants, roll-ons, soaps and detergents, all from Germany. Want to send gift or something else home? We have the solution! We are an Agent/Collection Center for Atlantic Express Corp.
                 Pictures and descriptions of the products are for informational purposes only, there is no guarantee the products are still available.
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